christian-skatersWe are working in partnership with the international organisation Christian Skaters to reach out to the skateboarding community in Paarl. These are marginalised subculture youth who are often unreached by the Gospel.

Every other Saturday of the month from 1-4pm we set out ramps and hang with the kids, showing them the love of God in a very real and practical way. We also have a short time in the Bible, encouraging those attending to accept Christ as Lord and Saviour.

We are always in need of volunteers to help setup the ramps and we also need donations for much needed equipment. Please skate on over to the Facebook to contact Christian Skaters Paarl and for any further info.

BergendalEvery Thursday morning during first interval (10.00-10.30) we run a kids club at Bergendal School where many underpriviledged children from local vineyard communities recieve their education.

We sing songs, share God's word, pray and just love on the kids in what is a vibrant and exciting time.


On Sunday's we provide the following:

Mothers Room - for nursing mothers and babies. This is a comfortable and welcoming space with an audio-visual feed of the sermon so that mums don't miss out on the message.

Creche - for kids from 18months up to 5 years old. Our dedicated team just love to look after the precious little ones.

Children's Church - for Children aged 5 years and up. Each week the children are taught from the Bible and enjoy learning through crafts and fun activities.

A note on safety:

We feel very fortunate to be able to partner with you in preparing God-fearing children, ultimately being the next generation of believers. Our primary responsibility in this regard will always be first and foremost the teaching and equipping of our children in the Word of God.

In terms of our Sunday services our families participate together in the first part of worship. Following the week’s notices and announcements the children leave the main hall and proceed to their respective age group classes accompanied by their Sunday school workers. Our Sunday school workers are well versed in the applicable safety and evacuation procedures. Further details of our safety procedures are available for your perusal. Please contact any of the staff members in this regard.

We are however wholly dependent on your notification of us, with respect to any particular medical condition or special need that might be relevant to your child.

Kindly note that following the conclusion of the formal service all responsibility as regards your children’s safety reverts back to you. We do wish to point out that we do not regard the parking area to be suitable for playing. The grassy embankment on the side of the church as well as the area immediately behind the church building presents a much safer playing environment for them.

We value your support, and any feedback or suggestions you might have with respect to any of the above will be greatly appreciated.

Your servants in Christ - Calvary Chapel Paarl Leadership

TAG GTR Reach Prision-1Every Tuesday from 9am-11am we visit the inmates of Allandale Prison to share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song, fellowship and Bible Study.

This is a difficult but greatly blessed ministry and we have seen much fruit over the years. Jesus is changing lives in Allandale Prison!

life-groupsOur Life Groups meet in various homes across Paarl throughout the week. These gatherings are for the purpose of having a time of ministry around the word of God, prayer and an optional meal. Please call us for more specific details on our various Life Groups.

Why Join a Life Group?
Our desire as a local church in Paarl is to make disciples of Jesus. A follower and disciple of Jesus that lives in isolation from community is really a foreign concept to the New Testament view of discipleship. When Jesus called people to follow Him, it was in community. Mark ch.3 says that when Jesus gathered the disciples, “He called to Him those whom He desired, and they came to Him. And He appointed twelve so that they might be with Him and He might send them out to preach…” In the book of Acts, we find that the early church gathered regularly in both large and small groups, in both public and private settings.

Our Life Groups are a place where members of the Calvary Chapel Paarl community can come together on a more intimate level, in their own town, to pray with one another (James 5:16), become accountable to one another (Hebrews 3:12-13), apply the truths of Scripture together (James 1:22) and serve Paarl together (Galatians 6:9-10).